The main management bodies of PROIntensAfrica is a governing board and a steering committee. The steering committee is assisted by a secretariat, and advised by a Policy Support Group.

The PROIntensAfrica General Assembly includes legal representatives of all PROIntensAfrica Consortium members. It is the main decision making body for the strategic issues of the PROIntensAfrica. The General Assembly will meet twice physically during the life-time of PROIntensAfrica, and further virtually at need. The general assembly – organized under WP1- co-chaired by legal representatives of FARA, on the African side, and by Wageningen UR and CIRAD, on the European side.

The PROIntensAfrica Steering Committee is composed of all WP co-leaders and is responsible for the timely execution of the agreed work plan, the coherence of the work executed by the different WP teams, efficient planning of the different activities, coherent reporting, and the internal PROIntensAfrica consortium communication.

The Steering Committee is supported by the PROIntensAfrica Secretariat. The secretariat is located in Wageningen and assists in financial and operational issues. Through the Secretariat, the Consortium reports to the EU.

The Steering committee is supported by the Policy Support Group. This group is formed on a voluntary base by interested members of the policy community. The group will be involved in the two general workshops of PROIntensAfrica and consulted at need during the life-time of PROIntensAfrica. Starting small, it is expected that the group will grow during the development of PROIntensAfrica.

PROIntensAfrica has seven work packages. The seven WP teams are the operational units of PROIntensAfrica project, composed of the WP co-leaders and contributors (partners of the Consortium). The WP teams are responsible for executing the agreed work plan, for organizing and reporting on the activities executed, and for involving other relevant resource persons in their respective activities. The WP teams will deliver the requested information concerning the reporting to the EU through the PROIntensAfrica secretariat.